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Hunted (Update)

This is ANOTHER update. I am doing completely fine. When I heard my story on your latest podcast called similar scares, I thought it was to good to be true. I always wanted to have my story on your podcast. Thank you for that! I also loved that extra information about this.

I was super freaked out yesterday about this encounter I had and didn't explain something that well. My dad is bad with a bow and is trying to get practice before next season starts because he wants to use a bow all next year. I didn't explain that well. I'm sorry for that.

But another thing happened right before I started listening to the podcast. (Yes I listen to the podcast while I hunt. One earbud in and one out). I saw 1 deer which was a small doe ACROSS the river that the "hunter" (goat man) was next to. It was walking really strange like it was on the lookout for something. A few minutes after it left, I heard something scream? I don't even know how to describe it. It was like someone was screaming but in a weird raspy voice right across the river the deer went into. It went on for about 10 minutes on and off before it stopped completely.

After a confusing amount of time I didn't keep track of, I tried to see what the screaming was from, I looked out the left side canopy window and saw the "hunter" walking along the same side of the river that the doe walked right into. It was walking away from where the screaming came from too if that helps. It looked like he was struggling to walk. It was like a baby trying to walk straight for the first time. I don't know what happened, but I do think it had SOMETHING to do with the weird "hunter", and with the small doe.

I'm going out tomorrow morning so I'll keep you guys updated.

One more update for the night before I head out. It is 5:30p.m. The doe did come out, but it was limping? After that it looked at me and waved. I'm just kidding. It didn't do that. That would be pretty spooky. It just walked off and minded it's own business but taking precaution with every step. I don't even know what a goat man eats or hunts. Or if it even hunts. But I do feel like the goat man "hunter" thing was part of the screaming that I heard.

Last update... maybe.

Good morning uglies!! Goat man confirmed. It is 6:50 in the morning and when its 28° out it doesn't matter if you have gloves you can type with... it's still cold. My dad and I got to our hunting land at around 5:00 this morning and we saw the hunter. (Not the goat man... I say this because he didn't have trouble walking and he sounded normal.) The hunter sounded EXACTLY like my dad too like in the 1st story. But he looked different. That is why the other "hunter"(goat man) sounded LIKE my dad but didn't look like him. The goat man was making it look like it was the hunter we met this morning. And I know you'll love this other fact too Nick and Edi along with the rest of you uglies. He said he hadn't been hunting in about a week!! He said he was in Colorado hanging with friends. He even showed pictures.

We found this out because he asked if we had seen anything while he was gone. And get this, he said he hunted every day for a week straight before he left the next week for Colorado. And, he said he felt like something was following him and watching him while he was hunting for the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK!! Watching his every move in and out of the woods. We asked him where he hunts and he said across the river. That's where I saw "him" (goat man) yesterday!!

I hope this is a great story for all of you uglies. Stay scared and have a great Thanksgiving.

I'll let you know if I see anything weird.

(Happy Thanksgiving Episode)

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