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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

You guys probably won't see this, but I have been listening to your podcast for such a long time.  I do have facebook but it is not working right now and I don't know when it will be working, so I'm submitting it on here if that is ok.  Your guy's podcast passes the time while I am stuck in school doing homework. I love hearing your guy's jokes and telling what could be happening after all of the stories you read.  This helps me figure out what could be happening to me when I go hunting but I cant seem to figure it out.  Which brings me to my story that is happening as I am typing this. 

Here is my story for the podcast. This might be a bit long. I'll try to narrow it down for you. 

"Hey Nick and  Edi along with all of you uglies!! 

I am currently in Missouri at a little place called Platte County. I am out hunting right now and it is about an hour into my hunt. I am 15 and I am hunting with my dad.  Him and I came out today because he wants to get something with his before gun season starts because he's better hunting with his bow. 

I am in a black canopy and he is about a quarter of a mile away from me using his bow while I spot deer for him and let him know what I see.  We are not having any luck seeing anything but something weird is happening to me.  Since I came into the woods, I feel like something is watching me.

Not someone.


I say that because of the way I feel right now. It feels like a person is standing right behind me, watching me while I type.  I keep hearing knocks on all 4 sides of the canopy. It isn't windy and there aren't any trees around me that could be tapping on the sides.  Just to let you know, there hasn't been any deaths recorded for this place.  If you could help me out and try to explain  why this is happening, that would be great. 

UPDATE!! Just as I was about to send this, and it sounded like my dad was calling my name by the river but the way he sounded was like he was hurt or was trying to sound like someone else. I looked over but i didn't see him. Only another hunter looking right at me and waving. 

He is gone now. 

But I think this would be a Goat Man from listening to past podcasts? I don't know if this is true or not. 

Please help me out.”

(Similar Scares! Episode)

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