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Heavy Feet

I’ll start off by saying, I worked in a very large city in Canada.

And I’m not a funeral director, but I’ve spent the past 15 years working in the body transportation business (After Death Care).

When it comes to dead bodies, after 15 years I have seen it all.

I tell me people who ask about my job, “there is nothing I haven’t seen”, then the next day I’m usually met with something completely new

I loved my job, and I never had a problem sleeping, or bad dreams, or anything like that.

It’s like I had a switch to just turn it all off.

I always treated those individuals in my care with the upmost amount of respect.

On certain cases I’d even go as far as asking the family member what type of music the individual listened to, and I’d play it as I drove.

I’ve always believed in the supernatural, and being in this job for so long, you’d think I would have encountered something at some point.

Especially when I’ve been known to transport up to 1400 bodies a year, but noting!

Until one night, around 2/3 in the morning, was delivering an individual off at one of only two funeral homes that are actually built on cemetery grounds.

I was in the basement doing the basic prep work, of sliding them onto a steel table, getting them ready for embalming the next day, applying moisturizing cream to the face and hands to avoid unneeded skin damage.

I was just about to wrap things up, and I heard very distinctive, heavy footsteps on the floor above me.

It caught me off guard, but I just brushed it off, as it was probably just the cleaners.

I finished up my work, and loaded my stretcher back into the elevator, which is only big enough for equipment or a casket, and I took the stairs back to the main floor.

While waiting the 2/3 minutes for the very slow elevator to come up, I thought I’d check in on the cleaning staff, but all the doors and lights where still as I had left them, and there was nobody else in the building, and thinking back I never heard the very distinct door chime go off in the prep room where I was, indicating the outside doors had been opened.

For the first time in my many years I felt very uneasy, but excited at the same time realizing it was the first real unexplainable things I had encountered.


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