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Haunted School

Hi Nick and Edi! I really love your podcast!!! 💯💯 I have some spooky kids stories since I used to be a preschool teacher.

The school I used to work at had a lot of weird stuff happen on the daily. They said it's because we're right behind a huge cemetery and spirits tend to gravitate to little children?

I'm not so sure about the latter. But anyway, i have some stuff to share.

You know how kids say the weirdest things? Yeah, imagine that but there's 20 of them.

During my first year teaching, I had a class of kids who were about 2.5 - 3 years old.

They're all great and fun.

One of them stood out because she had absolutely no issues when she came in on the first day of school.

It's normal for kids to cry for about a week, sometimes even 2.

But this kid loved school.

She's super sociable and well-adjusted right off the bat.

She didn't cry and she never had separation anxiety.

Up until the third week of school.

By this time, most if not all of her classmates have gotten over their separation anxiety and have adjusted to the routine in school and we had very few criers at this point.

Since this kid is part of the afternoon class, there were less students in the school. Parents tend to choose morning classes over the afternoon ones. Unfortunately for this kid, only one other student enrolled in the afternoon class.

Since there were only two of them, activities that were supposedly an hour and a half long for 10 kids for the morning class only took 30 minutes for the two of them and we'd end up playing the rest of the time.

While we were doing a coloring activity, she points to the huge window that we had in our room (note that you can't actually see through the window because the school painted a mural over it) and she says, "Teacher, there's a mommy and a baby outside," my two other co-teachers in the room exchanged worried glances but kept our cool.

We can't be losing our shit in front of toddlers, you know.

So my co-teacher said, "honey what are you talking about? The window is closed.”

She goes, "yeah but they're there and they don't look okay”

Uhm, there is no manual or ANYTHING on how to handle kids when they start saying weird, scary shit out of the blue.

So we just repeated the whole window is closed, no one is there line.

The kid just kind of shrugged it off and went back to her worksheet.

The following day, she said the same thing but when we did the: there's no one there, spiel, she loses it completely.

She just started crying hysterically and wanted to leave the room and so we did with her one and only classmate.

She wouldn't go back to the room after that.

We kept asking her what was wrong but she wouldn't or couldn't answer.

She also wouldn't let anyone of us touch her to comfort her.

Normally, she's super sweet and loves hugs.

Today, kid really lost it.

Another teacher from a different class went up to the kid and was like, "who did you see, baby?” Kid didn't answer.

"It's okay, I'm sure you can continue your activity in our room for today." The teacher added.

A different teacher went with her to the room and the four of us (me, my two co teachers and the teacher who offered her room) stayed behind.

"Don't do classes there today”

"Why not?" I asked, stupidly, i might add

"I'm pretty sure she saw that ghost lady in there.

She tends to hang out in your room.

She doesn't look very friendly thats probably why the kid got scared shitless”


She explained that she can see spirits and that there are a lot of them in school.

One of the "regulars" is that lady with the child. I wanted to quit right then and there, tbh.

After that day, the kid got sick and she didn't come to school for the rest of the week.

It was only Tuesday, if i remember correctly.

2nd story happened on my 2nd and final year of teaching.

I'm still handling the same group of kids but with added students in a bigger room.

This class only had a morning schedule and ran for about 4 hours instead of the 3 hours my kids had the year before.

It was dismissal time and after the first 15 minutes wherein most students are picked up by their parents or guardians, we had a small group of kids left behind.

We shuffled about 8 kids into the same small room I had the year before.

We had one of the school nannies stay with the kids while we attend to other things in our big room.

One of my co-teachers went to the room to check on the kids.

See if they need anything or whatever.

A student of ours, let's call him David, approached her and said, "Teacher you know there's a big man in the room with us.

He's really tall and really dark and hes wearing brown shoes" this kid was not scared though.

He just kind of talked about it really casually.

Poor teacher was scared out of her mind and grabbed the first person she could when she reached out of the door.

It just so happened to be our lead teacher.

She asked David what happened and he just told the story the exact same way. David then turned to his teacher and said, "teacher, he says he knows you're afraid"

WHAT. THE. FUQ???? My co teacher was as pale as a sheet after that.couldnt even eat lunch after.

When we asked David about it the next day, he just nonchalantly said, "oh yeah i went to the room again before coming here.”

(to our classroom. Students have to pass by that room to get to our room which is at the end of a short hall).

He wasn't there anymore.”

On my first week of work, we had a short orientation where we went through the tiny school handbook and stuff. We also discussed house rules. We were told that we have to tie our hair while in school. I thought to myself, yeah definitely. We wouldn't want our hair getting in the way of tasks or the kids getting smacked in the face with hair. There was nothing weird about that, it felt reasonable.

That Thursday, I only had half my hair up. I was still kind of observing how they were doing things so I didn't have tasks yet.

After lunch, I had this splitting headache come out of nowhere. I've never had a headache as bad as this before. It felt like my skull was being crushed or something. It was terrible.

So terrible that I ended up throwing up in the bathroom but I still felt like crap afterwards.

One of the teachers (the one who can see ghosts) approached me while i was drinking water outside and said, "you really should tie your hair". I gave her a weird look and she shrugged before saying, "I'm telling you, they really like to pull our hair. That's why we have to tie it up or put it in a bun"

She just walked away after that and it's not until months after that she explained what she said. "The ghosts here like to play. Some of them hang on to our hair and pull it.

God! The headaches I've had from those are the worst!"

It took me about 5 seconds to put it together. I looked at her with eyes that were about to pop out of my skull. "So you mean when you told me to tie my hair…."

She nodded, amused that I finally understood, "One of them was hanging on to your hair and REALLY having a field day pulling at it”

I wanted to throw up again after that.

side note: our bosses had the school blessed many times before (where a priest comes in and blesses a place could be a house or whatever facility. Idk if its a thing in America but in the Philippines, it is).

But whenever they do, activity in the school just gets worse.

Rooms look like they've been ransacked, things go missing, stuff on shelves fall off randomly. Things like that. So they just kind of gave up trying to get rid of the spirits there.

Anyway, hope you guys got scared.

Hahahahaha Love your podcast!!!

Keep up the awesome work!


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