Happening Now

Hi everyone. Followed the podcast the last few months and I absolutely love it. This is one of my experiences that ill keep updating throughout the night.

I recently left the army to come back home. Moved in my parent basement til I get back on my feet. In the basement, I can hear every footstep, bang, and any loud noises from upstairs.

A few weeks ago( which was a few days after I moved in) it was about 2 am. I heard footsteps starting from right above me, which is the kitchen, move downstairs to my door and 3 loud knocks. I grab the first thing I could, open the door and nothing was there. I looked all over the house, didn’t find anything.

Since then nothing strange has happened til tonight. I’m about the fall asleep until I hear 3 knocks, from the garage door. Which is right across from room.

We have automatic lights outside. My sister saw the lights come on and she thought she saw someone outside. We couldn’t find a sign of anyone being out there.

After the knocks on the garage door, I get up and start checking the windows to see if I see anyone… Nothing. I go outside to check if the garage was open, it was closed. I check inside the garage and nobody was inside.

Just typing this story alone, I heard knocking and banging in different parts of the house upstairs.

If anything else comes up I'll edit the post.

Update: didn’t fall asleep until people in the house woke up. This morning I searched around the house. Little things were moved, some of the kids toys are missing. I wonder if our house was be sketched out for a robbery or something I can explain.

I’m gonna arm myself tonight and see what else happens.


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