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Give You Anything You Want

Hello Uglies. I have a story about an encounter my mom had... I've heard a few similar stories, but sometimes i feel like its all folklore. Anyway I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

My mom worked so much all the time. She worked as a cook in a restaurant. She and my dad had six kids, and my dad was not a lot of help with us kids and income for the household.

My mom came from work that day and no one was home. She went back outside to water her plants outside under the big tree we had. She says she noticed a car pull into our property and as she straighten up to greet, she froze as car door opened. She could not move.

She said that a man in a black suit, tall, very handsome walked up to her. She noticed all that because that kind of car and person never show up to our house. She says that as soon as he was in front of her he said, “I know that you are tired all the time, tired of this life, I can give you anything you have ever wanted. I know this is not the life you expected to have”.

My mother is a Mexican woman from the Sierra in Chihuahua. Very religious. She knew who this was.

As soon as she realized it, she started praying. The man then extended his hand with a business card and said; “When you are ready to change your life, call me.” My mother kept praying.

She said that as she stood there it was difficult to breathe. He retracted his hand to his side and walked away. She had not realize how eerily quiet and still everything was until the man drove away. My mom then was able to gasp for air. She was so scared she kept praying until we got home.

As she told me this, I thought; maybe she was very tired and stressed, or she imagined it or maybe dreamt it. She looked at me for a while and as if she read my mind she said, “I wasn’t tired, I’ve been getting out of work early for a few weeks.” It creeped me out a lot.

Before my mom told me this, I had a friend who unexpectedly told me that he thought he met the Devil one night. He said he was outside his house smoking at night and a man dressed in a black suit came up to him and told him the same thing.


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