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Friend or Foe

Dear Edi and Nick,

I hope you give consideration to this story,

It’s a type of paranormal I haven’t heard covered on any of the resources I listen to and something I think could happen to anyone.

I just don’t understand it and it’s scary as hell.

Out of all my weird encounters, this is tops.

My first disclaimer:

I’m Greek and we greeks, like many other cultures believe in the evil eye, to which we call the Mati.

Essentially if anyone thinks really negative or really highly of you, you can inadvertently become sick from the amount of energy directed and it requires a special prayer, which in practice requires dropping oil into water.

If the oil dissolves immediately it’s New mati, if it takes a few moments it’s Old mati;

If not at all, like normal oil, then you’re just being dramatic.

This prayer is passed from man to woman and so forth.

I’ve seen it performed many times.

Second disclaimer:

In high school, I had a super abusive boyfriend.

I was 15, and my parents hated each other.

Classic story of an immigrant who marries an American to try and stay in the states.

This boyfriend had held a steak knife to my throat, beat me and pushed me out of a moving vehicle...

Abuse to the point that at 17 I said screw everything and fled for Greece.

Also, he was part of MS13 and claimed to see demons and a ghost crying blood on a regular basis.

Third disclaimer:

My mother always warned me to be wary of big black dogs with black eyes and people weak in mind, they could easily become possessed.

Back to the story...

Part one:

I left for Greece at 17 and returned to America at 20.

No one knew my where-abouts except for a few key friends.

After a few years at college, I realized with student loans and 3 jobs I would be crazy to think I’d ever get out of debt.

I decided to drop out and move back to Greece a second time.

At this time my mother was In the states.

I went to go live with her and we decided that after a few months, we would move back to our farm in Greece.

I was always private about my home life.

In grade school, I only invited a few friends over

I never felt comfortable inviting anyone to my home.

I was at my mothers house about two weeks when I met a friendly neighbor a few years younger then me named “Ben”.

He seems cool enough and I invited him to a local park to enjoy a blunt with me and my best girlfriend Jessie.

We get to the park, the few places in town you wouldn’t get in trouble for some herb and start smoking.

Out of nowhere Ben asks, “how do you know I’m not controlling your mind”

I say, “there’s no way in hell you’d be able to”

He then says “how do I know you’re not controlling my mind”

I reply “there’s no way I’d ever want to”

I gave Jessie a look and officially started feeling weird and asked if we could continue our walk.

I knew this park like the back of my hand.

One way takes you farther in, one way takes you out.

So we start heading further in.

We ascend a hill as I was chatting a storm.

The kid turns around and asks

“I wonder how many words someone can say in one day.”

I find this Incredibly rude but to not instigate the situation, my only reply was “excuse me!?”

As we continue he finally turned around and said,

“I wonder what you two girls would do if I pulled out a knife and tried to kill you both”

At this point my rage kicked in and replied “are you kidding me” while looking for a large rock I could knock him out with.

Then I guided our group to the exit and to the car where I had him sit in the front seat and Jessie in the back so I could watch this little asshole as I took us home.

His only excuse was “jeez some people just have dark humor”

Two days later.

Feeling really on edge I decided to give myself a quiet evening.

Sitting in my moms back yard I tried to write in my journal but I was overcome with a tremendous migraine.

I hadn’t experienced these since high school back when I dated the awful boy.

Feeling really off I decided to try and smoke a bowl and call it an early night.

Before going to bed, I asked my mom to do the prayer for me because what I was feeling was unnatural in comparison to my overall health.

She obliged and I went to sleep with all the lights off which even as an adult isn’t normal for me.

But my migraine was so bad I felt it was necessary.

I had also been on my period.

Then I woke up from an awful nightmare.

I had dreamt that I was being raped by my ex and woke up screaming.

Also to find that I had been touching myself.

Masturbation is natural, but who master-bates on their period !?

My hands were covered In blood.

Like a horror movie I run to the bathroom to wash my hands thinking to myself “if it’s any hour in the night fine, but if it’s around 3am then this isn’t right”

I look at my watch and it was 3:12 am.

Terrified I say a prayer and spent the rest of the night trying to go back to sleep.

I thought myself “well at least my spirit woke up in 12 minutes rather then letting myself get violated the whole witching hour”

The next morning I tell my mother everything.

Her reply was “oh honey it’s just your hormones”

Frustrated I went to my car... on my car was a note that read “so sorry To disturb you, Pinky. I just missed you”

Pinky was the name of the crazy ex boyfriend I had from high school.

That same day the police showed up at Ben’s house an arrested him for selling drugs…

So was it my crazy Ex boyfriend standing outside my house that night...

or from that crazy kid I had just met

No one else had ever called me pinky

And I have never figured out how to label this occurrence.

Is it possession, insanity, mind control !?

Thank you guys for listening to our stories and covering the unknown,

you have given my time an ironic comfort.

And one detail I forgot I was separate from that ex at least 3 years before that happened

Okay done text bombing, hope it was at least interesting


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