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My great- grandmother (Gram) and her husband built the house that they lived in all of their lives. My great- grandfather slept in the guest bedroom next to my Gram’s room. My Gram says she used to have him sleep in there otherwise she wouldn’t be able to sleep due to his loud snoring! In that room is where he died from a heart attack. The exact moment that he died, one of the cousins in the family had a baby.

My mom and a few other family members told me that when they were cleaning out the guest bedroom and organizing/clearing out his things that my Gram wasn’t keeping, they also moved the bed to get things from under it. On the floor at the head of the bed (where the bed was prior to being moved) my mom noticed a black newborn footprint… like the ones we all have done when we are born. My mom thinks it is related to the cousin that was born on the same date and time that my great- grandfather died. I believed it of course but also thought there’s no way. And if so, there’s no way it’s still there.

Well, a cousin of mine who I was close with that lived in upstate NY came to visit us. I was really excited. While we were hanging out at Gram’s, a topic on “ghosts” came up somehow. Gram and her sister, Diana, started telling us about a bunch of spooky things that happened at my Gram’s house! The house I was at pretty much everyday. They told us that a balloon in one room made it’s way all the way to a corner of the kitchen. It looked like it was bobbing as if something was holding the string. Diana told me that she lost a child soon after birth. One time, she woke up to a child standing at the end of her bed. She cried because she knew immediately it was her child that passed on.

Lastly, they told us about the baby’s footprint in the bedroom! My cousin and I wanted to see for ourselves to see if the story is actually true. We moved the bed and there’s the footprint!! I ran out of the room so fast because I was so creeped out that it was actually in front of my eyes. You know that feeling of sheer terror in your stomach when you’re running up the stairs in the dark because you feel like someone’s chasing you? That’s exactly the feeling I had when I was the footprint.

I took a picture of it on one of my old phones but of course none of them will turn on for me to look at old pictures and such.

Sorry this is so long - will post more separately!


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