Fishing for Candy

Hi Edi, hi Nick! I absolutely love your podcast. Also hello uglies! I’ve wanted to share this story for a while, but I could not get myself to write it. I don’t find it super frightening anymore, just really weird.

In 2004, I was five. My family and I lived in an old farmhouse on the golf course my dad worked. When I was younger, I really liked the game Candy Land.

One day, I asked my mom grab the game so we could play. But she had just gotten out of the shower, so she told me to go get the game for her. I ran up our carpeted steps and down the hall to the playroom. We kept all our games in the playroom closet. This closet always scared me because it had a hole in it’s ceiling which led to the attic.

When I entered the closet to grab Candy Land, it was about eye level with me on a shelf. All of a sudden, I get a feeling… telling me to look up. When I looked up, I saw a man kneeling over the hole in the ceiling holding a fishing pole with a hook at the end. I also remember seeing that the hook was being lowered as if the man was trying to catch me.

The weirdest part is that this man in the attic looked exactly like my dad. He had all the same features as my dad. He was wearing the same hat and golf club sweatshirt as him. But I knew it couldn’t be my dad because I had just seen him in the kitchen. Although this person looked exactly like him, something in me knew it was not him. I ended up screaming and running back downstairs to tell my mom.

When I told her, she walked upstairs to the closet and checked. She found nothing and assured me that no one was in the attic, especially not my dad, because she would know if he was. I remember my dad being home that day too.

My mom never actually went up there to check. She only looked up from the closet. She probably thought I imagined it. After that, I don’t think I ever went in the playroom again.

We ended up moving soon after. I’ve told my parents this story.My mom doesn’t remember it, but my dad thinks it’s funny. I told my friends about it. We think it could be astral projection or a doppelganger instance. I don’t know if I believe either conclusion, but I would love to hear what you guys think!

Thanks again for producing such a great podcast! I listen to episodes at work all the time and it really helps me get through the day.


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