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Evil Room

Just finished the podcast posted Sunday and it just got me wondering if anyone has seen something or experienced something similar. I ask because I’ve never heard of an entity described in the same fashion.

So anyways, my brother and I were adopted by a family in my current state about 2012.

I moved into one of the rooms on the opposite ends of the house, my room being straight across from the bathroom and a room perpendicular to both my room as well as the bathroom. I remember that I would always close the door, as the temperature was noticeably different in that room (due to the way the vents are set up).

I remember one night the door was open, “okay whatever, it’s cool” I thought. Here’s where I get weirded out.

There was an old touch lamp in the room that I could see clearly from my room. It sat on a nightstand on the opposite of the bed in there. The room was empty at the time of my brother and I being adopted and moving in. The touch lamp turns on, I open my eyes, looking at the lamp turn on. “Okay, creepy” I think to myself.

When it turns off is when I get scared. I pull my blanket up to my chin, trying not to look directly at it. The lamp turns back on. I close my eyes but just can’t resist the searing adrenaline pumping through my veins at the thought of someone being in the house I may have possibly missed.

My 12 year old mind trying to reason that maybe my 5 year old brother could be playing a prank on me. I was trying my hardest to reason with myself is when I noticed it.

You know when you stand up too fast after not having eaten? Or when you rub your eyes and see the spectrum of lights floating around? I saw those lights in the shape of a human, it stood well above the lamp. It looked as if it were pointing at it. I was so scared I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t close my eyes or move at all. All I could do was look at this “thing”.

I looked on in terror as this thing was pointing at the lamp that was on. The worst part was when it looked as if it had turned it’s head, looking at me. Keep in mind this thing has no discernible features, it just looks like those lights in the shape of a human. Not a ghost, not a monster, not a demon.

As it looks it me is when the touch lamp turns off again. I pull the blankets up over my head and close my eyes. As I’m laying there in my bed, praying to Christ it doesn’t get me, I feel a tug on my blanket. I think to myself that I’m just lucid dreaming or maybe the touch lamp is just malfunctioning. Nope, because as I ease my grip on my blanket the thing comes completely off my body into the floor.

I tense my entire body up closing my eyes as hard as I possibly can. The weirdest part is the fact that I begin to feel a pressure on both of my eyes. “This f***ing thing is trying to open my eyes!” Is my last thought I muster before letting out the most feminine screech I possibly could. I run STRAIGHT to my parents room screaming and yelling.

My parents obviously dismissed it as PTSD from traumatic childhood.

My “grandmother”(not related to me or my adopted family but was my guardian for a year) told me it was my “guardian angel”, which I told her was a load of crap. I had heard of demons, ghosts, etc. but never had I heard of something like this.

My adopted sister Kayla, never mentioned how she never felt safe in that room. She didn’t mention ghosts or anything, but she told me and my mom that she never would step foot in that room and hasn’t even before my brother and I were adopted.

So that’s one of my stories from that evil room. I just wondered if anyone else may have seen the man made of lights. Like what the hell is that thing?

I apologize in advance for the grammatical errors and poor sentence structure, I’m short on time.

I’ll be posting a couple of other stories from my time living with my adopted parents.


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