Early Morning Guest

Hi Edi and Nick! My name is Genesis and I love your podcast!

A little back story:

When my husband and I first started living together, we lived at my mother’s house. My mom was living with her partner at the time. But she would stop by from time to time to come see our dogs and wave hi. She still had a key to the house by the way as it was still hers.

My husband used to leave for work at 5:45 am and I used to go back to sleep as soon as he got to work around 6:15am

One morning, when I was trying to fall back asleep, I heard my bedroom door open for a couple of seconds and then close as if someone was checking on me. I was still awake but for some reason I didn't turn to look. Mind you, my door didn't have a handle so we stuck a folded paper between the door and the door frame and I had to push super hard to open it so it couldn't be the wind. And it had opened and closed super slowly. The piece of paper was there when I woke up.

A couple of days later, I asked my mom why she stopped by the house so early. At this point I assumed it was her because my husband would have been at work by that time. She told me she hadn't gone home in a couple of weeks. My older sister had something similar happen to her many times when we first moved into that house. Her bedroom door would open and close a couple of seconds later. One night she woke up to the door closing and she said out loud "whoever is messing with my door stop it and let me sleep!" And it never happened to her again.

I usually feel... Energy I guess? Like When I go to a place I can sometimes feel if it's haunted or something. I always felt a presence in that house since we moved in and until we moved out 11 years later. It never felt negative but it was really freaky.


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