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Don’t Want To Dream

Hey Edi and Nick

i recently came across the podcast and quickly became a huge fan. Your podcast gets me through the day and keeps me laughing and scared. i love how nick keeps me at the edge of my seat and out of nowhere edi hits me with a funny ass sentence to ease the tension. im glad i stumbled across this podcast and am proud to be one of the uglys. i would like to share my story with you guys down below i hope you like.

It was time for me to get some rest so i can get up for work at 4am. I was having trouble falling asleep and waited as my eyes began to get heavy. I slowly fell asleep. The next thing i knew my eyes opened but what i saw was not my bed room or my wife next to me.

I saw that i was in a field with green grass. In front of me was my family members walking past me. They were all dressed up like they were going to church. My family and i believe in god but would never really go to church. There are too many versions of the bible to tell whats bullshit and whats real. My only hope is i do meet the creator when my time comes.

Anyway i started to turn my head and noticed the tombstones behind me realising that i was at a funeral but didnt know whos funeral i was at. My older sister took my hand as she cried and lead me toward the casket and chairs that were about 50 feet from me. I saw the headstone but couldn’t make out what whos name was on it. As i got closer my vision became a blur and it got worst as i got closer.

I reached my seat and waited for the preacher to speak to understand whos funeral i was at. But as he begins to open his mouth their is no sound coming from his mouth at all. Next thing i know my cousin places his hand on my shoulder and says hes sorry for my loss and its must but hard to lose a parent. I woke up sweating and breathing deeply

I thought i was having a night terror because i use to have them as a child. My wife woke up and comfort me saying it was only a dream and i agreed and went back to sleep after a while. Three days later on November 3rd 2018 i got a phone call from my cousin but didn't pay attention to it. Me and my wife were cleaning the house so i missed the call.

Then me and my wife both start getting phone calls non-stop from my family members. One of my kids answered the phone and brung it to my wife. I'll never forget the look on my wifes face after i told her about my dream i had three days ago prior to getting this call. My wifes face dropped and couldn't believe what she was just told or how to even tell me. She grabbed my hand. As tears rolled down her face she had to tell me my father was killed by a drunk driver who was doing 50 miles per hour in a residential area and ran a red light and smashed into him killing him. I felt my heart sink as i called him over and over just to hear his voice. I didnt want to believe her or my family. I really dont know if i saw the future in this dream or was it just really a coincidence but i just wish i can wake up and call him and hear his voice but i know in my heart its only wishful thinking.

Now im scared to dream hoping i dont see others i love die. I cant take losing anyone else.

Hope you guys like my story.

P.S. The driver who killed my dad didn't see any jail time. She is now in a mental facility pretending she needs help.


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