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Don't Buy A Oujia Board Dumbass!

I used to live in Ontario, and life wasn't going well. My parents suggested my boyfriend and I move back to BC. So that's what we did.

We found a house to rent quite quickly. It was big and had a bit of a strange design to it.

It was a two story house, and the entrance was at the split. Upstairs was the kitchen (half wall to the stairs going to the entrance), living room, bed and bath. Downstairs was a family room and a spare room.

When we moved in, we had two cats that were the best of friends when we moved back to BC. Shortly after moving into the house, we got a puppy and our family was complete...until...we started to notice little things...mostly strange sounds that didn't belong. Then the animals started acting differently.

We would come home and there was evidence that the cats had been fighting.

Not playing. Fighting. Chunks of fur were on the floor. This started happening more and more.

Then one day, my boyfriend and I were sitting at the table having dinner (insert stupid photo of food) and our dog was at the top of the stairs looking if someone was down there, playing with her. She was excited and happy to be entertained by whatever was there.

This prompted the stupidest of stupid ideas ooooon the planet (other than certain presidents)...let's buy a oujia board! yaaay!


So a friend came by for a visit with her 5 year old girl and we put her in the family room to watch TV because we wanted to try out the oujia. Things went fine.

My friend's daughter came upstairs and she said she was getting spooky feelings downstairs. I had already felt them, so I wasn't going to send her back. She looked at the board and asked what it was. We told her it was a game. She said it was an ugly game. We agreed and put it away.

Nothing happened that night, but soon after more things started to make us aware that we definitely weren't alone in the house. We could hear muffled arguing in the basement through the floor...a man and woman's voice.

So I have to tell you a short back story to explain what happened next… we kept the spare room door shut downstairs at all times because the cats had decided to use it as their toilet twice, and their litter box was near. I think this had something to do with the energy in the house. So the cats weren't allowed in there at all.

So one night, we were upstairs having some quiet time, we heard that particular closed door slam. We didn't even jump. It just confirmed what we had strongly sensed in the first place. It happened again at another time but I can't remember the circumstances.

We used to invite friends over and they couldn't handle the energy that was coming from the basement as they were coming up the stairs. These were friends we had never spoken to them about what was in the house. Then we met Michael.

He was a hippie and didn't have a job, so we took him in for a while. He ended up sleeping in the closed room. Nothing happened there so I won't torture you with waiting for that news. Michael was key in the last stages of this story.

He was a bit of a spiritualist and seemed to have the ability to connect with spirits. He told me one day that there were two entities in the house. One was a woman, who had been there when we moved in. Then there was a man. He was a bully and he was really bothering the woman. He looked at me and told me with intensity that I had brought him in with the board. I had never told him about the board so this is why I believed him. I said ok, what do we do? He said we need to denounce the board and burn it. So this is what we did.

A group of people came over to support the ceremony. We decided to have it at the race car tracks to avoid starting a forest fire, so we were in a very open area. We prepared the fire, broke the board in pieces, piled it on top, and added lighter fluid to make sure it would burn. We each took turns walking around the board while making a circle around it with a stick. We would say a chant denouncing the board for the entire circumference of the fire. We took turns doing this until all of us had done it. Then we had to add more lighter fluid. An hour later we added more lighter fluid. It took more than 4 hours to burn that board...the strangest part about that...the last words to burn were goodbye.

Now, to conclude this story….

While I was living in Ontario, I met a wonderful friend and we had a psychic episode together (we did a good lot of mushrooms) and we had become connected somehow through that experience. The morning after burning the board, she called me from Ontario. She said she had had a dream about me burning a oujia board… she had dreamt it at the same time it happened…. and that's all!

Thanks so much for you guys! ooooh ooooh and you can call this story 'Don't Buy A Oujia Board Dumbass!”

oh I forgot to tell you the aftermath...(I can hear Edi's voice 'what haaapped aaaafter??) The male ghost left, boyfriend cheated on me so split up and moved out. The woman was left for a more peaceful ghostie existence. The End.

This story took place about 25 years ago…


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