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Dark Man

Hi Edi!

I love your podcast. I work nights and I like to listen to your show. I mostly binge listen but that's neither here nor there. I wanted to send you my scary story. Only one of them actually. It's really my daughter's story, and she was barely 2 when this happened. I don't share my stories lightly either.

We had moved into a cheaper apartment building. To be honest, it was a ghetto ass building lol. But it was all we could afford as young parents. Now this building was weird to me, I had never seen a building with one big shared balcony in the middle. Imagine a square missing a side, with one square balcony in the middle. Apparently this was from when the building was a mental hospital, and they would take all the patients outside together. It kinda made sense but I didn't have any facts to back it up. No biggie. Weird, but I'm used to weird.

My daughter would be playing in her room and I would hear her talking. She would say it was her friend and point. Now she’s only 2, so despite knowing how to talk well for her age, she couldn’t comprehend that I didn't see anyone, and I didn't worry. Figured she was doing the imaginary friend stage early on, too.

Then, once a kid that always slept well, she started waking up in the middle of the night screaming and crying. At first I would cuddle her on the couch and pass out with her. But after a few nights in a row I got concerned. So when it happened again I asked her what was wrong. She said, no frikin lie man, "the dark man wont leave me alone, he wants to play."

Of course my first thought is some creep is getting in her room at night. So I ask where the dark man is at the moment. She points to her closet, right frikin behind me. It was empty. The closet was frikin empty.

I was scared, but I thought if I'm scared she’s got to be absolutely terrified. I got some more details from her. She said things like he wanted to play and when she was trying to sleep he would get mad at her and yell at her. Well that made me mad.

I got the strength, used my most demanding mom voice I could muster and demanded he leave my daughter alone. I even got her to do this as well, and we banished the "dark man" together. I proceeded to hang my pentagram in her window and told her it would protect her.

When her dad asked her what the dark man looked like, she pointed to a creepy poster we had on the wall with the grim reaper. Luckily she has forgotten all about the experience and we never had any other experiences… with the dark man anyways.

If you want to put this on the podcast that would be really cool, I'd love to hear your guys thoughts about this.

Thanks for the great podcast guys!


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