Hello Edi, Nick and Uglies! I love true scary stories and I have one to share with you all.

This happened in northern Michigan, about an hour south of the Mackinac Bridge during the fall of 2010. I haven’t seen the Dogman yet, and I’m not sure if I want to. Ha ha!

Anyways, my friends and I went to this old abandoned house that was on the top of a hill. The dirt road leading up to it was kinda narrow and steep with a long turn. I couldn’t get myself to go inside, but a couple of my friends went in.

They went into the basement and saw a deck of cards scattered all over the floor. They weren’t your typical deck of cards, but rather a deck with random sayings on them. The scary part was my friend picked up a random one, and it said something on it that started out with his first name.

I can’t remember what it said, but it somehow connected to what was going on with us that day. He also brought it outside of the house to show us, but eventually got rid of it!

A couple of my friends claimed to hear a noise outside the house that sounded like one of those old toys that makes like a clinking bell sound when you pull it across the ground.

I was too scared to be outside the car any longer, so I didn’t hear it. There was a bunch of old pieces of newspapers scattered everywhere in the yard. Before we left, my friend picked up a random one and we started looking at it while in the car.

The obituaries were the date of his birthday, there was an engagement announcement of a couple who was neighbors with my other friend, and then there was some news article about a nearby town to us.

We ended up going into Walmart to try and get our mind off of all of this. But as we were walking in, a group of guys said they liked my senior sweatshirt and commented how they were graduating in 2011 too. The weirdest part about it was that they said they were from the same town that we saw a news article for in the paper we found at the abandoned house. That was enough to freak us out so we left it on a random shelf and took off to go watch Paranormal Activity 2.

It was crazy how so many random things connected us to the information in that newspaper though. I still get chills thinking about it!

Thanks for reading my story!


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