Clear Sky

Hey Nick, Edi, and Uglies.

This happened to me about 5 years ago in September.

I live in NY in the isolated north country right on the border of Canada.

Just picture a lot of patches of farm lands and then massive patches of forest, lots of snow, and lots of bitter people.

My now fiancee, his roommate and I were walking across a college campus around 11pm to go to a party. Even though it was 11pm there were surprisingly no people around, just the three of us in a semi empty parking lot next to an open field.

As we were walking we heard a low rumble that sounded like a plan was flying overhead, only, it was getting louder and deeper. But we couldn't see anything!

The sky was clear, you could see all the stars! Yet, this rumbling began to get louder and got closer and closer until it sounded like an airplane could have been a few meters above us.

I was freaking out looking everywhere BUT the sky when my fiancee yells “LOOK"! I looked up to where he was pointing and saw 5 orange balls that looked like tiny stars darting around in different directions.

They darted for a bit until they eventually all lined up. Then, disappeared one my one by shooting off into the sky.

So obviously we were a little shook up and ran for our lives across the open field.

We made it to the party where to told everyone. Some believed it some didn’t.

As the night went on we all were drunk to the point we forgot about it. I didn't remember until I got into my car the next morning.

My car is from 2002, so I have an old radio, old clock, even a cassette tape player.

When I turned on my car, everything in my car had reset. The mileage, the radio station presets, the clock was blinking 12:00.

It's been a few years and nothing else like that has happened to me at least. However, I completely believe that aliens are totally messing with the north country. Why not? It's so isolated, people disappear all the time from drugs, to running away, no one would suspect aliens at all.

I hope you enjoyed this lil story.

It's cool that I found a place to share it besides a spooky campfire.

Stay ugly


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