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Cat Ladies

Hi uglies!

I have a weird but also very funny sleep paralysis demon/ghost (?) story to tell y’all!

Me and my best friend Morgan are neighbors on the first floor of our apartment complex. For weeks, I had been making jokes about how I think I had a ghost in my apartment because there is an empty corner in the living room where my cats would always meow and interact with nothing. The corner is one of the corners that makes up one wall of my backdoor and the other wall where my living couch is on.

Morgan and her younger sister Sabrina always told me not to worry about it because my cats obviously like her! I always talked about the ghost as a girl for some reason and I joked a lot about how her and my cats were friends and that she watches them for me while I’m at work.

A couple months ago, I fell asleep with the lights on on my couch and woke up to Morgan walking past me and into the kitchen. She started saying “Jo wake up your cat is sick!” from the kitchen.

When I woke up my eyes were open but everything was very blurry. I could make out the silhouette of my friend and the furniture in my apartment but nothing would focus. I tried to sit up from the couch and respond but I was completely paralyzed and felt like i couldn’t even open my eyes all the way. My friend kept saying “wake up, Mary (my oldest cats name) is sick! She needs to go to the vet!”.

I kept trying and trying to move and respond and couldn’t until finally I heard my friend say “Mary is going to be fine, you can go back to sleep” and see her go towards the back door.

When I woke up the next day the first thing I did was text Morgan and Sabrina to ask what Morgan was doing in my apartment at 4 am. They both said that Morgan never went to my apartment. They know I wouldn’t have cared so they had no reason to deny it. Then I realized that “my friend” had come into my apartment and left towards the same corner where my ghost likes to hang out and that I wasn’t groggy when i was trying to wake up.

I was in sleep paralysis.

I’ve experienced sleep paralysis with a different entity prior and didn’t relate the experiences because the rational explanation would be that my friend left something at my apartment and came over to retrieve it.

I am suspicious that I do have a female ghost in my apartment and she is the one that tried to wake me up that night. She must have seen Mary vomiting and got worried not realizing cats do that all the time. She has not contacted me since, but my cats do still play in that empty corner more than I would like.

And for those wondering, all of my cats are perfectly healthy and doing well.

In conclusion, crazy cat lady has a crazy cat lady ghost.


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