Cat Entity

Hi uglies!

When I was 20, I found myself followed by a cat entity I named chicandra. Whether manufactured by my over zealous imagination or actually there is still unknown to me. But it never seemed to cause any problems.

It would change colors kind of like a mood ring. Red if there was paranormal events were happening but usually chilled at a bluish green hue.

It wouldn't constantly be around but it would show up pretty frequently. Never said anything that I can remember and I never interacted with it. It would typically just chill and follow me around, usually when i was doing things i probably shouldn't have been doing... such as the following story.

One night I went out with my at the time boyfriend and his friends to an abandoned house.

I have no idea if the house is still there or the exact location other then being on a long road heading towards Steeplechase in southern Columbus. You had to turn off the road onto a gravel/mud road and follow it down through a heavily wooded area.

The branches scraped across my jeep as we drove the path to a small clearing with a large pit and a medium sized house. I have no idea why the hole was there but we got out and went to the house, on the porch stood my kitty friend. At the time it was a warm purple. I ignored it which I regret but hey, young and dumb!

Upon entry you could tell this house had seen better days. Graffiti all over the walls, pieces of wall missing, some stairs broken and jagged like monster teeth. Following my boyfriend he took me around while his friends headed upstairs to their hideout.

In the basement there was a dirt floor with a giant boiler type thing. I'm not entirely sure what it was but sitting... if you could call it that, was a child. A little boy in old cover alls, no shoes, and sunken black eyes.

The hairs on my neck stood up and I started to tear up and got very cold. I looked away to find chicandra was glowing a vibrant red. Terrified, I made my way to the stairs just in time to hear screaming from upstairs. Panicked I took the stairs as fast as I could.

Finding the boys we had came with pale in the living room, they asked why we had shut the door. Not knowing what they were talking about we found out the front door was shut and refusing to open. Completely freaked out and done by this point each of us (5 of us had came) tried to open the door.

It wouldn't budge.

We ended up kicking the back door down and made our way to the car.


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