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By The Fence

What's up Edi and Nick and all the uglies, I have a story that I was trying to forget but I can't.

This story happened when I was staying over at a friend’s place.

She had a trampoline which we would use at midnight because it was funner in the dark.

It was a normal night at first.

At around 11 pm, while we were deciding if we wanted to go out, we started hearing noises.

She lived next to a road so we rationalized that the noises were just cars passing by.

Boy where we very wrong.

At midnight, we were wide awake and full of energy.

We decided to still go out onto the trampoline.

I was hesitant at first so she brought out the dog with us,

She had a big dog so that put me at ease for a while.

After half an hour of jumping about, we went to play a game.

I was standing on the trampoline facing the street.

When I looked out my heart stopped…

Standing under a lamp post was a very tall figure,

It definitely wasn't human because it was too tall,

I pointed it out to her but she brushed it off as someone playing a prank on their neighbour.

At about 1 am, she went inside to go to the toilet so I jumped off the trampoline to pet her dog.

When I was petting the dog, I noticed the dog staring at the fence.

When I looked up, the tall figure that was under the lamp post was now standing behind the fence where her trampoline was.

I was frozen in shock and I couldn't move.

I just stared at this thing behind the fence.

It was tall, had piercing black eyes and a pale white face,

It tilted it’s head and that's when I snapped out of the shock,

I tried to pull the dog in but he wouldn't budge so I had to think quickly.

He was a great dane so I couldn't carry him in.

He had a ball in his mouth so I grabbed it out and chucked it into the house.

He chased after it and I ran in after him.

I locked the door and ran upstairs with my confused friend.

She asked why I came rushing in.

I told her about the thing at the fence.

We looked out the window and it had moved from her fence to the grassy hill beside her house and the road.

It was still looking at us with it piercing black eyes.

Eventually it left,

After that we never went out on the trampoline after 12 am again.


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