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Hi Edi and Nick! Love your podcast. I never miss an episode and I'm constantly checking my phone on Tuesdays and Sundays like a stalker lol. This happened a week or so after I submitted the "early morning visitor" story and I'm pretty sure it happened bc after so many years I acknowledged that it could be paranormal. But here I go again lol.

I work the night shift as a security guard so I'm by myself in a big office. Where I work at, there's one of these old CD Boomboxes where you have to turn a knob/button to turn the volume up and down. Well for some reason you can't turn it off. You just have to lower the volume until you can't hear it anymore.

The other night, I turned it all the way down, like I always do, and was using my phone with my little speaker and watching videos on YouTube in between doing my rounds.. I finished watching one video and while I'm looking for a new one, in the silence I hear this weird whisper really low so I look behind towards the radio and it's coming from there.

I know I'd turned it down earlier because it's just a routine now as soon as I get there. But I just turn it down again and ignore what happened like I had just failed to turn it down completely.

Like two hours later I'm back in the office watching YouTube again and the same thing happens. And I flipped. I just went "you either stop that or I'm unplugging the dang radio right now… just stop!"and I turned it down again. And It didn't happen anymore.

I have had strange things happen to me before but never something so inexplicable.

Ps. Pretty sure telling you guys this is gonna trigger some more wired ish but oh well

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