Hello Edi and Nick and all the other Uglies! Today I have 2 ghost stories that are probably my scariest i've experienced in my own home.

The first one starts of the way all bad horror movies do. I'm taking a shower xD.

As i''m in there washing my hair, I hear my middle brother Billy come up to the door (I have 3 brothers). I hear him say "What?" but i don't say anything. Then he knocks on the door and say "what do you want?" Annoyed i say back "I didn't call you what do you want". I don't hear a response so I just go back to shampooing my hair.

After a few more minutes I finish up in the shower and turn the water off. As I'm wrapping myself in a towel.... I hear it. I hear what Billy had heard.

It was my own voice....

I was saying in a very annoyed tone "Billy! Get in here! now!"

Suddenly I heard footsteps race up the stairs and i knew it had to have been my brother. I quickly open the door and carefully walk up the stairs to my brothers room. I open the door and I see my brother standing in his room. "you heard my voice...." I say to him in complete shock. He half laughs back as he says yeah.

Unfortunately, I had no explanation as to why there was a disembodied voice that was exactly how I sound. Sadly that was not the last time that happened in my house and over the years we would end up hearing the voices of almost everyone that lives in the house.

My second story also has to do with Billy coincidentally but I don't think its attached to him specifically before anyone says anything. I think something is just attached to all of us because ALL of us living in the house (five of us and a dog) have had many experiences.

The one that freaked me out the most was at night.

My mom had called up the stairs for my brother and I to go do the dishes. As i walk past his room i push the door open and see him shift around in his bed. I didn't bother turning on the light as i could see him. he's a blonde and very pale so even in the dark he sticks out lol. i say to him "come on mom wants us to do the dishes" I hear him say okay and start getting up. I walk away from the door as i hear his weight shift in the bed like he's getting up and go down the stairs.

Once I get to the bottom of the steps is when i hear it. Rapid clicking? Sounded like someone was on the computer. Next to the stairs theres a door that we used as the computer room. I felt a sense of confusing and slight fear come over me before opening the door. And there, in the room, siting at the computer, just as confused as me, was Billy.

I have never been good at hiding how i really feel so my face was definitely showing my complete confusion as I was trying to work out in my head how I saw my brother in two places at once.

"whats wrong?" he asked me. I couldn't even answer. This was definitely Billy. No doubt.

But what was in his bed?

What did i talk to?

and how did i not know it wasn't my brother?

I couldn't even tell him what happened. So i just shook my head and lightly told him "nothing.... mom and dad want us to do the dishes.”

Thanks again Edi, Nick, and the uglies for reading my stories! I hope you enjoy them!


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