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Bible Hill

“When I was around 5 years old, our family moved into an old farmhouse up on Bible Hill. The back yard backed onto the Industrial college.

In our previous house, I had happily played in our basement all the time, never thought anything about it. When we moved into the Bible Hill farmhouse, it was a whole different story. I wouldn’t go down in that basement for anything!

My Mom would ask me to run down and fetch her some potatoes, there was no way I would go down there. The basement felt so thick, heavy and awful! My mom eventually stopped asking me, as I would just cry and run away.

From the first night, I heard sounds, voices, music, and a baby crying. I remember coming down to the kitchen the next morning and asking my parents who was making that music and why was there a baby crying? My parents said I must have been dreaming, there was no one but us and they hadn’t heard anything. I would hear the noises every night, but I stopped telling my parents about it, as they didn’t believe me.

Months later, my grandparents came to visit us from Alberta. The very first morning my grandmother asked where the music was coming from and why was there a baby crying all night. I remember feeling such a wave of relief and catching my mom’s eye, she looked at me so shocked.

The worst experience I had in that house was not hearing music and a baby’s cry, I got used to that. The worst would yet to happen.

I was quite a night owl as a child. I would often hear my parents come up the large oak staircase in the evening and get ready for bed. I would hear the water in the washroom, and them talking then finally the sound of their bedroom door at the end of the hall close. I would lay awake and think happy thoughts and adventures, not feeling nervous at all.

Except one night it started to happen, I would hear someone coming up distant stairs, walk through the kitchen then the hall, and then slowly start climbing the oak staircase that led to our bedrooms. I remember the feeling of terror as I heard each distinctive step, then a pause on the landing…a long pause, and then slowly they would walk down the stairs again, back down the hall and through the kitchen. Then, very faintly, I would hear footsteps leading down the basement stairs.

When this first started happening I told my dad what I was hearing. He laughed and said I had a big imagination and that it was just the furnace coming on making funny noises. I remember laughing too at first and was so happy that’s all it was.

The next time I was awake late and heard my parents head off to bed, I wasn’t even thinking about the noises. I remember I was playing with one of my dolls. Then I heard it, the faint sound of someone walking in the hall downstairs, and then the sound of footsteps on the stairs. I kept telling myself “it’s just the furnace” over and over.

Up until this night, the sound of the footsteps would stop on the landing then head downstairs again, but not this night. My heart started beating like a drum when I heard the footsteps coming up the last few steps after the landing, I was so terrified. Being only a little girl, I believed if I can’t see them then they can’t see me. So I covered my head with my covers.

I can’t describe to you in words how terrified I was when I heard the floorboard in the hallway outside my room creak. My heart was racing and I couldn’t catch my breath! Then I heard someone come into my room, I could “feel” someone in the room. I didn’t realize it, but my arm that was holding my covers over my head was sticking out! Then it happened, one of the most terrifying things that has ever happened to me.

Someone grabbed my wrist and said in a deep, growly voice the dreaded words, “I Got You!”

I tried to scream but nothing came out, I thought I was going to die! Then slowly the grip on my arm lessened and they let go of my arm. I don’t know how long I lay there frozen with my heart beating out of my chest. I just lay there listening….waiting…frozen.

Finally, I got the courage to peak out of my covers and didn’t see anything or anyone. Being just a young child, I thought all monsters lived under the bed. So I stood up on my bed and took a flying leap off the bed and into the hallway and ran to my parents’ bedroom door. I started pounding and sobbing for them to let me in!

They consoled me and told me it was only a nightmare, but I KNEW it wasn’t a dream, I was wide awake the whole time.

Up until about the age of 14, even when we moved across Canada to Vancouver Island, I was still haunted by this horrible being that would visit me sporadically in a similar manner.

It wasn’t until I was 14 that I was finally able to get rid of it. I think I finally got strong enough not to be afraid anymore and I was able to NOT react to it. I think it got bored and went back to Nova Scotia. LOL …who knows.

To this day, I wonder what the history of that house was and what caused such a mean grumpy spirit to terrorize a little girl. What was the purpose? My parents maintained their belief that I was having nightmares, but I know I wasn’t asleep.

I know what happened to me.

It was very isolating, not having anyone believe me. Luckily, I have a very happy and buoyant nature, so I was able to cope with this and had mostly a wonderful and joyful childhood.

Thanks for allowing me to share this true, personal experience with you.


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