Between the Strikes

I live in Scotland. Last night we had a really bad thunder storm. At 4:15am, I was watching the lightning outside my window. When all of sudden, movement in the field below caught my eye.

At first, I thought it was a fox. But when I looked at it and saw it staring at me, I just had a feeling that there was something wrong with it. I opened my window wide so that I could stick out and put my flash light on it. The whole time, it’s staring at me. Watching my every move. I noticed that it had missing bits of fur and a weirdly morphed face. It let out a demonic type screech.

I quickly pulled myself in. I shut my window and ducked down. About 10 minutes later, I looked back out the window.

It was still there.

Just staring at my window. With every bolt of lightning, it would move closer to my house. Until the wind knocked over a bin. It must have thought that it was an animal that knocked the bin over. Because as soon as it happened, the thing reared up on both hind legs and ran across the field toward that bin. I kept my eye on it.

When it was away from my house, I went around every room to shut all the windows. After that, I closed my blinds and turned away from the window. I could still hear it but I refused to look. When I woke up a couple hours later, it was gone.

We’re supposed to get another thunder storm tonight. I just hope it doesn’t decide to come back tonight.


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