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2017 The Bernadette Experiences continued...

To quickly recap, I used to work at a spa. It was slightly haunted, and my co-workers didn't believe me. Until now.

I told my supervisor Maddie about Bernadette when she first started working there. Initially she didn't believe. Then one late night, Maddie had to finish some paperwork and reports that were time sensitive. She arrived about 11pm. She was alone in the building. It was going to take about a half hour or so to do everything.

After some time went by, Maddie heard some heavy foot steps coming down the stairs, which was at the other side of the building. A few minutes later, she hears the toilet. The bathroom was on the other side of the wall from her office. At that point, Maddie had enough and bolted out of the building as fast as she could, not finishing her work. Maddie told me this a couple of days after it happened. There was a new employee, named Shawna. No one told her about Bernadette.

Mainly, because nobody believed me or other employees trying to share about Bernadette. I decided if Bernadette was going to reveal herself, she’ll do it in her own way. Shawna was vacuuming the upstairs, the time was about 8:30 a.m., before the doors opened for the day.

Suddenly, the vacuum cleaner shuts off.

After investigating and seeing the cord had been pulled out of the wall. She assume she did herself accidentally. The second time, it happened less than minute later. Shawna knew that wasn’t her fault and now felt that she wasn't alone. That was too much!

Shawna left everything as is, ran downstairs and outside, not finishing her responsibilities. She waited outside until another employee to showed up.

The second occurrence happened few days later. Shawna was again preparing for the day again. This time, she was in the women's locker room. Setting up the robes, towels, etc.

As she was in the middle of everything, two toilets flushed simultaneously, one after the other. That kinda freaked her out. But, not as bad as realizing she was the only one in the building.

Trying to finish the set up as quickly as she could. Shawna sneezed, hearing a woman's voice whisper in your ear, "bless you". Shawna ran out of the building and from that day on, she vowed to not be in the building alone.

Both occurrences happened when I wasn't working. I'd always hear about what happened days later. Trying to minimize the situation, I tried to say, “All she wants is acknowledgement.” Neither one of them where having that, too weird they said.

After the last occurrence, Shawna didn't take her responsibilities as seriously. Especially, the ones that had her be alone and open or close the spa.

She didn't last long after that.


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