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Bathroom Break

Hello edi, nick and all the ugliiiess!

Its my first time posting here.

Okay, so heres my scary story:

Way back in High School, my group of friends went to the restroom. There were 5 of us.  Since our lunch is ending, we were in a hurry.

There were only 2 cubicles so we took turns. 

By the time the four of us were done, the other one got her turn, she took a while though..

It got to a point that she took her time to the maximum that we were about to be late for the next class. 

We decided to knock and remind her about the time.

The cubicles door was elevated so you can see her shadow.

It was still. 

After all our tantrums about being late, she replied "Just wait for me”

We couldn't take it anymore.

So we told her we would be on our way to class.

She replied, "Okay, see you”

At the classroom, we saw her talking with one of our classmates.

Weird because we know she was at the bathroom.

And there is no way she could get at our room faster than us.

The restroom was closest to the stairs.

There is another staircase, but, its at the end of the hall opposite to ours.

So, given. We should be there first right?

We asked her how she got there so fast because, there wasn't anyone on the hallways but us so we would've known if she rushed by.

She told us, she never did came with us.

She heard us call her but she stayed behind and was chatting with our other classmates.  Others vouched for her when asked randomly.

Plus they were taking goofy group pictures at the classroom with the laptop at that time, she showed this to us, as evidence that she was there the whole time.

I have lots of experience with the paranormal but this was just twisted because it was with my friends.

Hope you guys like it.


Ps. Ive been looking forward to your podcasts every week. Its a highlight 


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