At The Edge Of The Woods

When I was 10 years old me, my little sister, my 3 cousins and 2 friends were playing in the woods on a rope swing. We always played there so we knew the area very well and knew that it was safe, until this encounter happened. We were taking shots on the rope swing and were enjoying ourselves.

When it was coming up to my turn, I started to hear twigs snapping. I told everyone that I could hear it. They put it off as an animal but my gut told me that it wasn’t. The twigs kept snapping and the air became thick and uncomfortable.

I know my little sister and cousins all felt the same thing because we all looked in the same direction. We were all feeling uneasy so we got ready to run while our friends told us we were over reacting. My cousin and I looked up the hill and saw a tall dark figure with no features which made no sense since it was day light and really light in the woods.

It stared at us, took a step toward us and we all ran away.

We could hear it running behind us. It only stopped when we had reached the edge of the woods and were in the public eye. It let out a growl and went back into the woods. We never went back into those woods again,

We don’t know what it was but we’re glad it never got a hold of us.


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