At 3 am

Hey edi and Nick so i was living at my brothers in law house at that time when this would happen. I call it "try it again" my daughter at the time would say they there was a dark shadow in the room hovering over her in the night. Usually I would make something up to distract her.

Well it got to the point with whatever was there was able to go from knocking on the door too trying to open the door. Which at the time would catch me off guard I would try too shine it away but it ended up getting stronger.

One day while coming back from a trip we decided too turn off our phones so nobody would interrupt our sleep.

At 3am both phones turned on along with the tv. I was so annoyed by it that I shut the phone's off again and Disconnected the tv I yelled try it again!!! But then I quickly got scared and thought too myself why did I challenge this thing. The tv would still constantly turn on by itself till we moved out.

Turns out one of the aunt's was living there and would do with craft years before I moved in.


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