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Apartment 100

I got my very own apartment in the summer of 2016 after I graduated from college. The complex was built in the 70s and was pretty worn down, but I was very proud to say I could afford it on my own. I really enjoyed living by myself, and my boyfriend stayed with me most of the time too. After about two months things started to get really creepy.

One morning my boyfriend got up to go to work and I was still laying in bed resting. It was about 7 am so it was definitely light out. I turned over and in the doorway to my room a little girl was standing there.

I vividly remember the bruises on her arm, how beaten her face looked, and her long brown tangled hair. For some reason I was not scared when I saw her, I didn’t get a sense of danger; I was more concerned because of how beaten up she looked. She started to walk towards my bed and when she went to reach her hand out to me she disappeared. It was so weird because I genuinely was not scared from this experience. I continued to go about my day and honestly forgot about the whole incident.

A few days later I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend and he tells me, “Oh! I forgot to tell you. Last night I think I saw a ghost. I woke up and saw a little girl standing at the edge of our bed. It was dark so I couldn’t see great but I could tell she was girl. When I sat up she disappeared”.

Now, I never told him about my encounter, so the fact that he described the same little girl to me immediately shot chills down my spine.

Weird things started happening. I noticed my cat would walk around the apartment constantly on edge. He was never like that before. He would literally walk around looking over his shoulder.

I started finding long dark strands of hair coming from my ceiling (I’m blonde so it was definitely not my hair). I started to feel so unsafe in my apartment, I never wanted to be alone. I constantly felt like someone was watching me, or that I’d turn around and see her again. That sense of peace that I felt from her before was definitely gone at this point.

A few weeks later I called the front desk at my apartment complex to try and get some information on my apartment, apartment 100. I asked her if anyone had died in that specific apartment. She probably thought I was a crazy lady. She told me that since the apartment complex has been bought out and renamed a couple times so they do not have all that information.

The only thing she could tell me is that for the last couple of years, every person who has been in apartment 100 has requested to change units.


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