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Another Witch Story

My mom mentioned that when she was a kid, her baby cousin was killed.

Her uncle was a colonel in Mexico during the 1950s. He had moved into Mexico city and was having his new home constructed. He and his wife had a newborn. Like I mentioned in the last witch story, witches in Mexico look for newborn blood or body parts.

Since their home was still being built as they moved in, not all the windows had been installed.. They did believe in witches, but didn't think it would affect them closer to the big city.

That night after moving in, they put their newborn to sleep. They didn't hear anything throughout the night. When they woke up, their baby's head had be opened up and the brain was missing. They never had kids after that.

My mom always told me that witches and supernatural entities always go after babies since they are new souls with so much innocence.

I have my own personal story from when i was pregnant with my son too.


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Sep 13, 2021

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