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Another Update to Fox Story

I’ve got another story that is a continuation of the fox story

So last night, I was lying in bed, watching TV. I started to hear a laughing mixed with screaming type noise.

Now I know what you’re thinking… It’s just a fox outside.

That’s what I thought too until I saw a shadow on my wall. I stared at the shadow for a couple of seconds before turning around to look through the crack of the blinds. There it was! A fox’s face!

The odd thing is my bedroom is 3 stories up from the ground. So when I saw that, my soul left my body.

It’s eyes were goat like.

When it had noticed that I spotted it, the laughing noise started up again. I ran out my room and into the hall until I felt it had gone away.

I went in about 10 minutes later and it was gone from my window. But it was sitting in the field below my house. It ran off when I quickly shut my window. Luckily my window was only opened a crack and had a lock on it. The creature wouldn’t have been able to squeeze through. The noise it made scared me more than anything.

If it comes back again, I’m either gonna have to invest in a blow torch or move house entirely.

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