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Am I Cursed?

For this story I need to give a quick background of where I'm from.

My dad's grandfather was an indigenous who practiced black magic. My dad often told us stories of him turning into a mule after being chased by the town but that’s a story for another day.

We often moved around quite often because of family reasons. When I was 11 years old we moved to a small town where my dads sister let us stayed for a while. The first day of our arrival I feared the house so much to the point where I didn’t even want to leave my mothers side. My aunt told us to stay away from the attic and that door should remain locked at all times. In my mind I knew to follow those orders.

The first night was the worse.

Me and my sister slept in the living room and the whole night I tossed and turned having the feeling that I was being watched or feeling the air heavy every time I took a deep breath. Night like these went by and felt like it got worser. I would see big shadows disappear In the hallway or foot steps in the attic every time I was in the restroom alone.

We left the house 3 months later and moved to the town next door. I was healthy child till I moved from that house. I fell ill to everything. I constantly had nightmares of a shadow following me trying to harmed me. Then it all stopped.

We moved again when I was 15 and the first day I stepped in my room to be I heard my name being called and all fear and anxiety came back to me.

I knew i wasn’t alone. I started dreaming the shadow following me. I started feeling the eyes on me.

One evening I was alone and I started washing the dishes. I started feeling like someone was behind me, breathing on my neck. I tried not paying attention but curiously made me turn and I heard it. I heard a loud scream of a woman in agony. It was low but I could feel the vibration running through me and I got chills every where. I ran outside the house and stayed there till I compose myself to go inside again.

Time pass and everything stopped again till last year. It became the worse it had ever been in my life.

The nightmares where me being dragged by the shadow figure and me not being able to move. I was being dragged out from my bed across our living room and me trying to pray as much as could but the shadow would laugh. These nightmares continued for days at time to the point I didn’t want to sleep anymore. I dreamed of my great grandmother telling me she had to speak to my grandmother and I woken I found she was in the hospital. I knew she wasn’t going to make it.

The next night I dreamed of the shadow coming to collect a soul but it went right by me. It was my great grandmothers. I woke up and she had passed away. I felt depressed and broken and drained. I dreamed of it again the next night and I was angry at this point I kept dreaming the shadow on top of my ceiling trying to take me to. It would drag me from my bed but this time I clawed on my bed on the door to stay and I prayed louder and stronger then ever. What it seemed like a loop of never ending it finally came to an end. The shadow shooter out my room and I put crosses on my door.

Months later I dream of the dead trying to find the light in me to escape that shadow that torments them in the after life. And I selfishly avoid them because a part of me is still that 11 year old girl who first walked into that house. The reason the shadow only came in my dreams was because I lost 80% of my vision through out the years because of the sickness.

I came across a lady who said she spoke to the dead and said I was being followed by them because I was paying for the deed that my dads grandfather once made.


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