After The Credits

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Hey Nick, Edi, and ugliest!

I love listening to the podcast and all the stories. I decided to tell y’all one of my own stories.

Back when I worked at a movie theater right out of high school all my coworkers would always tell the stories of a theater that was haunted. Everyone always talking about hearing or seeing things in there. I didn’t really believe it at the time, even though I always had a creepy feeling in there. I always like to make jokes about to my coworkers when we would clean it like “oh watch out for the ghost”. You know stuff like that.

One night I went in to clean it by myself. I was sweeping up some popcorn on the floor when I felt a hand grab my shoulder hard. I turned around fast to see who did it… only to find myself in a empty theater. I finished cleaning and got out of there.

I never made a joke about the ghost and try to always be respectful when in that theater.

Hope you enjoy this short story and have many different stories if you like this one also.

(Murder Murder Close To Me Episode)

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