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A Whole Other Life — Update

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

First part in "Kidnapped" episode from July

Hey Nick and Edi, sorry bout how long it took to get this to you, but I’ve been in and out of court for the last few weeks. Anyway, here’s the rest of what he did.

So my “dad” is not biologically my dad. He kidnapped me when I was a baby. But first, let me tell you how he kidnapped me. He was the landlord of my real parents' house. I’m guessing he had cameras in all of the houses he rented out. But, one day my parents came home and he was there unannounced. He tried to play it off but my mom had a feeling something was going on. With further questions, they realized he had no reason to be there and when Greg (“my dad”) came to terms with what was going to happen, he took a knife from his back pocket and murdered my father. My mother tried to help but Greg was a stout, unusually strong man.

He did not kill her though.

He kidnapped her and hid her away in a bunker near his second home where he kept watch on 133 cameras located in all of his rentals. I was in the other room when all of this happened, I was in the crib, oblivious to my surroundings. The most disturbing part is that sometimes, when funds were low, he would live stream all of his cameras on the dark web. There would be a live chat and everything. Police say that on these dark web sites, there can be bids on whatever the streamer would like. People’s addresses, their clothes, and some humans have all been sold on these sites.

My dad is still awaiting trial, but I cannot imagine a world where he doesn’t receive the death penalty. The good news is, my mother was found in the bunker relatively unharmed with 4 other females. She said he would give them nothing but fast food and pales of water every 3 days. He would bathe them once a week, one at a time. And she told me there had been others that weren’t so lucky. They tried to escape, but each time he had his handgun ready. He would make her dig the graves for the dead as a statement.

I am just glad I was finally able to end his charade.

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