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A Nightmare Coming To Life

What up, Nick, Edi and Uglies! I got another story for y’all that I just remembered.

When I was about 8 or 9, I was scared of the dark. So at night, if I woke up, I would sneak down stairs to watch tv until I would fall asleep on the couch.

This one night, I had a nightmare where I woke up in the night and went downstairs to watch tv. As I was sitting there, light from a car driving by shone through the glass door that leads to the back yard. In the light, there was a shadow for just a second. As the light passed, I saw the shadow was in the shape of a werewolf… Specifically the werewolf from the Harry Potter movies. So in this nightmare, I got up and walked outside to see what that was.

As I walked outside, I was attacked by a werewolf! That’s when I actually woke up. To help me calm down from that dream, I went downstairs to watch tv.

I watched some Disney channel for about 5 mins.. When light from a car driving by shone through the glass door. In that light was shape of that same werewolf in the nightmare I just had.

I said nope! Turned off the lights and went back upstairs. I was able to go back to sleep that night.

But it was just weird that I had a dream of what happened… I don’t know… What would of happened in if I went outside to check…

It was weird.

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