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A Man Came Knocking

I work at a preschool and I always listen to TSSWE during nap time and I always get super paranoid and scared when Nick is reading the stories then I want to laugh SO. HARD. during y’alls commentary. Pretty sure my co-teachers and four year olds think I’m weird but I have so many stories from Mexico that I’ve heard growing up.

Ever since I can remember I’ve gone with my family every summer and winter to the state of Guanajuato which is right smack in the middle of Mexico. It’s mainly known for it’s cajeta and mummies.

Anyway in our town, EVERYONE has a story about the paranormal and occult. My family is pretty sure there’s a bunch of witches hanging around too.

One of the crazier stories about the witches I’ve heard from my mom and her siblings is one that my mom always talks about when we’re all gathered together. I don’t know if anyone else’s family does this, but it’s always the same group of us that stays around and sits around the table or a bonfire after a party has died down and most of the other family members have gone home.

When we’re all together at that time, someone always brings up something scary that has happened to them and then the spooky storytelling goes from there. Well, every time we do this, my mom brings up the story about the time that a man came to spend the night at her house and that they were pretty sure was a Nagual (pronounced NAH•wall).

It was a night that it was raining pretty bad and a man came knocking on the door, I think he was a shoemaker or a leather seller. Well he needed a place to stay and my Pa Beto has always been a kind man and let him stay the night. The houses in Mexico where we stay all have divided parts of the houses.

So my grandparents‘ house has a row of rooms, an open space in the middle of the property and then another row of rooms where they let the man stay. My mom and my tia Irma are the two youngest out of 9 children in their family so they were the only ones living with my grandparents by that time, my mom was probably about 5 and my tia was a baby.

Around the middle of the night, my grandparents woke up to my tia Irma crying inconsolably so while my gramma was trying to put my tia back to sleep, my Pa Beto went outside to the room to make sure the man was okay and when he peeked in the window, he saw the man sitting there in the middle of a circle that he made out of candles.

When he went back to my grandma and told her what he saw, they were both so scared they didn’t go back out from their side of the property. Then they heard something land on the on one of the rooftops with a huge bang and when my grampa looked out the window, he saw something huge fly off the roof.

So they think he was a Nagual because they’re said to be witches and warlocks who can turn themselves into animals, mostly owls who have always been associated with witches.

My mom says that when my grandparents heard the bang on the roof, they think the guy had turned into an owl or something and left because they had seen him doing who knows what in the room.

Another story about these creepy ass witches we have is about one of my great grandfathers.

My family always talks about how witches are relatively harmless, if you encounter one it’s usually because she’s fucking with you. So that’s what happened to one of my great grampas.

Back in his time, the men had to take their livestock up the mountain and usually had to camp out and spend the night alone with them up there.

Well one night, my great grampa was up there and this witch started playing tricks on him and he was starting to get pissed off.

I don’t really remember how but he ends up being able to capture her and he ties her up and starts reciting prayers to her and all the while she’s begging him to stop.

Finally he tells her to leave him alone and he’ll leave HER alone so she’s promising to him that she will and so he unties her and like any other Nagual, she shapeshifts into an animal (i want to say I remember them saying she turned into a pig) and runs off.

Pretty farfetched, I know. I don’t really like to believe in these witches stories because they just seem so crazy, but it always has been so fun listening to these stories and seeing who gets scared the most.

I have other creepy stories that I could share some other time but thanks for listening to these and taking the time to read them!

Love y’all!


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