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A Family Cursed Gift

Hi there! I would like to begin off by saying I can see ghosts, shadow people and all that stuff y'all talk about. And way more….

I'm a bit strong on my spiritual side. Because of that, I’m able to make ghosts and spirits stop what they are doing, do what I say, or even protect the people I want them to. I have a very short story.

A story that happened about 5/6 years ago. Part of my father’s side of our family really hate my mother. Basically, we had end up sending my father to prison for things he's done. I guess part of his family really didn't like that. Only one or two family members within his family are still cool with us.

One day, we had received a gift from the family members that were cool with us. But we know now it was send by the side of the family that hated us. They just sent it under the other’s names. Because of the names, we accepted the gift. We took it inside the house.

The gift was a nice little wood carved chest. I don't know what exactly was in it. All I remember my family saying it was really nice, so they wanted to keep it. Little did we know that my father's family put a small curse on the chest and the item inside it. The curse was to summon a little lesser demon and Shadow girl.

Things started happening around the house. The shadow girl would just be walking around the house… Popping up every now and then. Mostly around the corner of your eye.

The little demon would throw things around the house. I guess just to spook us and just play like a little kid would do.

At this point in time, I had a couple spirits under my command. So I was able to tell my family what was happening and where it came from really quick. I told my family that we need to toss the chest out.

After about a week of these spirits tormenting the family, we ended up tossing the chest into the dumpster. Whatever was attached to the chest did not like that.

Noises began to come from the dumpster. Some demonic screaming and even the little girl crying.

Then the dumpster caught on fire.

It was a huge fire. It had took the firefighters a good while to put it out. I would say about 2 or 3 times because it kept lighting up. We were trying to figure how and where the fire started.

We came to the conclusion it was from the box.

But the box must have had high resistance to fire. It was barely burnt. Luckily all the little mischief on the house stopped. I’m really glad my family listen to me about tossing the chest out. I can honestly say I think the demon and little girl took two of my spirits with them because after we threw out the chest, I never saw the 2 again.

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