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A Dark Secret

Back in 2002, my family and I moved into a house. After a few years of living in the house, strange things started to happen.

One day, my 3 sisters were the only ones home. They were hanging out downstairs, doing their make up, when they heard hard banging on the door of a room upstairs.

Another time, my brother, 2 of my sisters, my cousin and I were in the room. We were laying down, except for my cousin. The lights were off and someone pulled my hair from behind me. I told my cousin to stop. But .. he was on the other side of the room saying “ it wasn’t me “ I crawled under the covers scared.

Another time, my cousin went upstairs to take some pictures for MySpace since we had a computer upstairs. He took 2 pictures and when he looked at them, HE CAUGHT A LITTLE GHOST GIRL IN THE BACKGROUND OPENING AND CLOSING THE DOOR TO THE ROOM UPSTAIRS! We were all in shock!

At the time, we didn’t have anybody in the family who was the little ghost girl’s height, so it wasn’t anybody we knew.

My neighbor told my mom that a little girl used to live where we lived , and back then she used to see that little girl running around a water fountain that was close by. Everyday that little girl would be going around it .. but one day she didn’t go. She said she never saw the little girl again and that she got the news that she was dead. But the cause of her death was anonymous.

We eventually moved out.

Year later, we discovered a dark secret about my town. Some close family members work on houses. Clearing them out, fixing them up, rebuilding them. They went to work on that house my family used to live in. They removed the whole carpet from a room and found a basement door. They decided to go down into the basement. When they entered, they found a creature. It looked like a type of dog with human fingers and a long tail. They took a picture of it but I can’t recover it right now.

They stumbled into a empty room and found bloody carpet stuck to a wall. They removed the carpet and unknowingly entered a torture room. There was an electric chair, torture weapons, and even a casket with bones inside of it. They found pure gold canes hanging. The most disturbing thing was a red robe with some type of symbol on it.

Boy, were they shocked! They didn’t understand what this was all for.

They also found strange pictures. Pictures of three old men sitting in chairs and in front of this school. A school that was very close by and that still stands today.

Behind the old men, there’s a house and in that house you see children and women looking out the window of the house.The three old men were holding the gold canes and were wearing the red robes with the odd symbol. I can’t remember what the other pictures were but they decided to take the pictures home and called the cops to investigate the carpet, which was sent to the FBI .

While my relatives were taking everything out of the house, some random dude came up to ask if they were willing to sell all of that to him. My relatives denied his offer as they were just going to let the garbage men get it the next day.

Later that night, they passed by the house and saw people taking all the stuff. The same dude was there as well. My relatives decide just to go home. One of the guys takes the pictures and leaves it on top of a counter. The next day, the pictures were on the floor, but nobody moved them ? He started having weird things in his house. After a scary moment where his feet got pulled, he decided that was enough and sold the pictures to a friend. The pictures are somewhere in that town and they are creepy .

My theory is these old men had kidnapped a bunch of children and women and just tortured every single one of them. I think the little girl that haunts my old house got caught by one of the men and was killed. I know there’s something deeper into these old men and what they have done. I’ve been to my local library trying to look for answers anything, even trying to see what the symbol means from the red robe or where does it come from. Nobody knows about this but family and a couple friends.

I’m afraid to talk about this cause it creeps me out. I don’t live in that horrifying town anymore and I don’t think of going back to live there ..

I have a bunch more of stories!

My mom has told me the craziest shit ever from her experience when she lived in Mexico and these stories make me not wanna go where my parents are from. I will be posting some of these stories.

Thank you for reading my story!


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